A number of spinning reels together with defined symbols feature on video slot machines. Individual reels stop spinning at a chance spot after each spin has been made, and through the game window you can view the symbols for each reel. The payoff is determined, also in 10 line slots, by the kind of bet you wagered and the symbol combination displayed.
As you can find in the majority of online gambling casinos throughout the globe, so 10 line slots, and other multi-line slot machines are played just the same as video slot machines. The fact that you can change your coin denomination up to the five dollar value, which is a great benefit for players, without having to access another machine is the only main difference.
Playing 3-line slots
3-line slots, has to begin by just selecting the amount of lines you are interested in playing. If you wish to play one line, then click once the Bet One button, if you wish to try two lines then click once more the Bet One button. Betting three lines involves clicking for a third time on the Bet One button. Or, you can press the Bet Max button for playing three lines. Click the Spin Reels button once you have finished selecting the amount of lines you intend to play. The reels rotate automatically when you press the Bet Max button. Once the reels come to rest, the payoff is resolved from a winning combination table which on pressing the Payout Table button, is displayed. Remember you are not playing the 10 line slots yet, and the Paid field will display any won credits. When you come to place your next wager, the credits displayed in the Paid field are added to your Credits which has been subtracted with the wager sum that the Bet field displays.
Playing 9 and greater line slots 
Choose the coin value you are interested in playing in online gambling. Please click the ‘up arrow’ or the ‘down arrow’ buttons, accordingly, to raise or lower coin values, and are found at the video slot machine’s lower left hand side. Only for 9-line slots games is this set of coins accessible and not for higher such 10 line slots. For instance, Hot Dog, La Fiesta, Lucky Lady Jungle King, Fat Cat and The Hamsteads are included here.
Two possibilities are now in front of you, although it’s still not 10 line slots, to choose to decide the bet’s sum and the bet’s type. The latter determines the number of line you wish to bet. By clicking on the lines arrow until you select the suitable number of lines you are allowed to bet in the range of one to nine lines. Now that you have selected the number of pay-lines, you may decide on how many coins you wish to bet. The coin amount for each line multiplied by the pay-line number you bet on is displayed in the Total Bet section in online casinos. Click Spin to rotate the reels after having made your choices. On the other hand, you can click the Bet Max button if you still have sufficient coins for the five dollar per line and all nine lines wager. This button rotates all the reels automatically.
As soon as the reel comes to a halt, without any connection to 10 line slots, your payoff is computed from a winning combination table and each machine displays this on its Paytable. This can be viewed by clicking the button located at eh screen’s lower end. The Paid Fiedl displays any credits you may pick up in the game. The credits in the Paid field, on placing your next wager, is added to your credits after the bet sum displayed in the Bet field has been subtracted.
The screen highlights the highest winning form. Automatically, in online casinos, and even in 10 line slots, random wins are added. Wins which are dispersed are added to the total pay-line winnings after being multiplied by the total credits bet. Apart from the scattered paying symbols all symbols are paid from left to right. Plane pays only from left to right, while Jungle King and Lucky Lady pay from right to left.